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Welcoming your newborn baby | The importance of Newborn Photography

The Importance of Newborn Photography

by Kristal Wozniak, Brisbane newborn photographer and mother of 2, Click With You Photography.

Welcoming your brand new baby into the world is a truly wonderful and life-changing milestone in your life. There is no greater joy than holding your sweet little newborn baby and looking into their darling face for the very first time. As a newborn photographer, capturing moments like these are my absolute delight. There are no words that can prepare you for how deeply in love you will soon be with that tiny little person. You will want to cuddle them close to your heart and never ever let go of them!

“I could just sit and stare at him all day” – Karina

And how could you not want to stare at your baby’s sweet little face all day? They are just so perfect in every single way! Those first moments you and your brand new family will share together are just so precious – breathing in their brand new newborn baby smell, kissing their tiny little heads, stroking their chubby little cheeks and their teeny tiny little fingers and toes. And then will come that moment when your baby grasps your finger with their whole tiny little hand – in that second it is as if they have grabbed hold of whole of your heart and soul – it is just so incredibly wonderful to be there with your baby, that tiny helpless little person that you created and waited to meet – there are just no words that can describe just how much love you will have for your baby!

Babies grow and change SO quickly. I know everyone says this, but that is because it’s absolutely true! As a mother of two I assure you these first weeks are very fleeting. They grow so quickly without us even noticing. Before you know it, you will be in the toddler stage and early childhood, then find yourself kissing your baby goodbye on his or her first day of school! This, I can tell you is just so bittersweet. While I am incredibly proud of my children and the beautiful sweet and clever little kids they are now – I do struggle to believe just how tiny they were at birth – my daughter was the tiniest of the 2 weighing in at 2.48kg, and my son was 2.98kg!

‘Words cannot describe the feelings I have for her already, nothing can prepare you for this emotion.’ – Michael

Each day your baby grows and changes just a little bit. With every little change you will fall more and more in love with them.  Before you even realise, weeks and months will have passed by and you will find yourself enjoying the beautiful child they are becoming as they enter a new stage of their development journey growing up.

Those first weeks of newborny-ness (I am not sure if that is an actual word!) go by so quickly and It is so very important to photograph your baby at this time to capture him or her at their absolute smallest size they will ever be in their entire life. We take for granted how little they really are and forget so quickly as they grow. Having Professional Newborn and Family Portraits taken at this time so soon after they are born, will allow your family to continue to cherish and revisit those incredibly beautiful first moments as a family for years to come.

Just imagine sitting together with your child looking through a collection of beautiful photographs of him or her and telling them about how much you fell in love with them and being able to show them just how precious and little they were as a newborn baby, and together enjoying images of them from their newborn photography session.

“My daughter just loves to look at the pictures you took of her and her baby brother, we are so grateful for the memories you captured for us” – Rebecca

There is no better way to hold onto the memory of your baby’s gorgeous features and preserve their squishy little baby rolls and tiny fingers, face and toes then to have professional newborn photography with your family during this time to create priceless memories that your family will enjoy time and time again. The memories we will create for you here at Click With You Photography will not only be cherished by you, but will also become treasured family heirlooms for future generations.

Years from now, you’ll be thankful to have had these newborn and family photographs so that you can remember exactly how you felt during this time. While friends and family can take photos of you while you are pregnant and you can take snaps of your newborn (and trust me you will take A LOT), having a professional take maternity photographs of you and beautiful newborn photography for you and your family is so very important, much like it is to hire a professional photographer for other major life milestones such as your wedding day.

She is precious, and our entire world – you have captured her so perfectly thank you so much! – Belinda

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Article written by Kristal Wozniak, photographer.




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