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Kristal Wozniak has been specialising in newborn photography for 10 years, and is pleased to be offering a tailored one on one newborn photography class for photographers starting out, or for those who would like to refine their skills or master a particular pose. She offers Private Mentoring sessions and group newborn photography courses at her professional inner-city home based studio in Fortitude Valley, just around the corner from Brisbane’s iconic James Street shopping precinct, where you can learn skills such as how to operate your own newborn photography studio, how to create specialised sets, use of photography equipment as well as newborn handling and positioning of babies to get that perfect pose safely. If you’d like to find out more you can fill out our Contact Form.

For more information see the baby photography course information below.

Option 1: One on One Private Newborn Photography Class

Kristal offers one on one private mentoring and training sessions at her Click With You Photography studio in Pinkenba, North Brisbane, to help you build a focused, tailored business strategy for your own Newborn Photography Studio or home-based busines.

One on one mentoring provides in-depth training on all aspects of creative newborn photography as well as business development, client relationships and marketing. These sessions give you the opportunity for targeted learning based on your own personal goals, where you are currently at with your business, and where you want to go.

Kristal uses these 1:1 sessions to tailor the content for you. She will share her own personal journey, skills and tips as well as answer all your questions and work closely with you to develop clear goals, creative skills and a sustainable business plan.

Please contact Kristal directly for more information or if you are interested in arranging a one on one private mentoring session.

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Option 2: Small Group Newborn Photography Classes and Information Sessions

Our small group newborn photography classes are held periodically throughout the year at the Click With You Photography studio.

Following a similar approach to our one on one baby photography classes, this  workshop covers all the basics for operating your own newborn photography business in a shared group environment, including the work setting, studio and photography equipment, set-up, newborn handling and posing, marketing strategy, business development, working with clients and setting goals.

Kristal has a personal, hands-on approach and provides a safe and open environment for learning from each other. She will share her own strategies, skills, inspiration and advice from her many years of experience as a professional baby photographer, and welcomes questions and the sharing of ideas.

Participants will receive individual feedback and discussion to help you tailor a business plan and set personal and professional goals to move forward.

A catered lunch and refreshments are provided. Please advise us beforehand if you have any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming newborn photography class dates and details.

Newborn Photography Class Aims

Our one on one and small group newborn photography classes and workshops are designed to introduce you to the basic requirements for setting up and operating your own home-based newborn photography business or studio.

The topics we will cover include:

  • How to safely set up the ideal working environment in your home or studio for newborn babies
  • The recommended equipment to use in your studio
  • How to create the right environment for newborns including hygiene, safety and comfort
  • How to handle and pose babies safely
  • Angles and camera settings
  • Business sustainability and designing your client service offering
  • How to market yourself and create a basic marketing strategy
  • How to identify and reach your ideal client
  • Setting individual goals, both personally and professionally, to help you drive your business forward

At the end of the workshop, you will be fully equipped with a comprehensive understanding of how to build a successful newborn photography business, as well as the tools you’ll need to put this understanding into practice.

Newborn Photography Class Details

The newborn photography class provides a thorough, in-depth look at the ins and outs of building a successful newborn photography business. By helping you grow your skills both professionally and creatively, you can master the art and business of newborn photography and expand into the profitable industry to do what you love.

Kristal delivers a structured program that covers everything from the essential basics of creative newborn photography right through to the more specialised components of business development and strategy.

Newborn Photography Class Topics

The comprehensive newborn photography course program includes:

  • Personal Identity and Style: Establishing your own identity and business style is the first step to creating a business that works for you. Kristal will work with you to determine what you are most passionate about, and help you to plan to overcome your biggest challenges.
  • Getting Started: Learn the essentials of business structure and what you need before you can open the doors of your business to clients.
  • Business Setup: We cover the key components of starting your own business and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.
  • Workspace: Learn what’s involved in setting up a professional, comfortable and well-structured workspace that keeps working areas, display areas and reception areas separate as well as aesthetically integrated.
  • Photographic Skills and Equipment: While it is expected that you have the fundamental skills of photography, Kristal will teach you how to use these photographic principles and techniques to create appealing images for your clients as well as give you a basic introduction relevant Workplace Health and Safety practices with your equipment in a home work environment.
  • Creating the Right Environment for newborns: Newborn babies require a very specific type of environment to be photographed in comfortably and safely. Our newborn photography course will show you what’s involved in setting up the ideal working environment and as a result, capturing great photos.
  • Capturing Babies and Newborn Safety: Learn how to run a newborn photography session and capture the best possible photos by observing a real-world prop setup demonstration with Kristal. She will provide you with a thorough understanding of newborn safety and how to best utilise props, posing and the rest of the family in the shoot.
  • Marketing Strategy: We show you how to create a basic marketing strategy that aligns with your business plan and goals, as well as provide invaluable marketing tips that will work towards delivering an ongoing client base and continually reaching new clients.
  • Goal Setting: Work with Kristal to establish where you are at in your business, and together you will set some strategic personal and professional goals to allow you to plan ahead for continued improvement of your skills, creativity and business growth.

What to Bring with you to the Newborn Photography Class

iPad or a notebook & pen

Business plan (if you have one)

Marketing material (if you have any)

Examples of your work

An open mind to learn!

About Kristal Wozniak – Click With You Photography

Kristal Wozniak is Click With You Photography’s principal photographer and a multi-award winning portrait photographer. Certified professional and highly specialised in creative newborn baby photography, Kristal brings her unique skill, expertise and passion to both her work and her newborn photography training courses.

She is:

  • Accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and the Professional Photographer’s Association of Queensland (PPAQ)
  • President for the PPAQ
  • Enthusiastic about sharing her skills and experience through professional newborn baby photography mentoring and workshops, Kristal loves working with budding newborn photographers and helping them develop their abilities and creativity. She is passionate about doing what she loves and doing it well, and leads her training and workshops with a genuine excitement for sharing her knowledge and her journey.

To work with Kristal or for more information about her newborn photography training course, please Contact Us.

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