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Click With You Photography is a Brisbane based boutique Portrait photography Studio in Pinkenba, specialising in stunning newborn and maternity photography Brisbane wide. Your pregnancy is such a precious and exciting time for you and your family, and deserves to be celebrated, treasured, and remembered forever.

What better way is there to capture the memories leading up to the birth of your precious new baby, than by having a beautiful, intimate maternity portrait session with your partner, toddler, or existing family together with your beautiful growing bump? These maternity portraits will become a treasured memory for you and your children as they grow up.

Our intimate pregnancy photography sessions are carefully crafted and personalised to you and your family so that you’ll come away with a gorgeous collection of maternity photos that you’ll want to keep looking back at again and again. As well as stunning maternity photography Brisbane wide, we also specialise in newborn, children’s, and family portrait photography so that you can encapsulate every special moment.

Please contact us today to book your maternity photography session or to make arrangements around your pregnancy timeline.

Your Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Pregnancy photo shoots are a wonderful celebration of your pregnancy, which is such an important time in your life that only lasts for a short time. While pregnancy can sometimes come with its challenges and some discomfort, the moment you look into the eyes of your beautiful newborn baby, these will quickly become a distant memory.

Treasure every moment with professional maternity photo shoot that can capture the beauty, warmth, intimacy and love of this special time in your life. We understand that each and every pregnancy is unique, so we will always work to ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed and enjoying the portrait process, to create photographs that capture who you are and what makes the moment truly yours.

Maternity Photo Shoot Preparation & Details

When should I book my maternity photography session? 

This will be dependent on how you feel, however, I usually recommend that we aim for a time between week 30 and week 35 in your pregnancy, as this is when your belly has a beautiful, full shape and will make the best photographic impact, but you are still at a reasonably comfortable stage of your pregnancy.

It is highly recommended that you call as early as you can in your pregnancy to book in for your maternity photography timeline, to secure your appointments in advance. While I generally recommend for a maternity photography session to take place in the later stage of your pregnancy, it is completely up to you and how comfortable you feel. We will always do everything we can to accommodate your preferences.

You could even consider booking a newborn photography session at the same time based around your due date, to capture those precious moments after your new baby is born.

Where will the session take place?

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your preference as to whether you’d like your pregnancy portraits to take place either indoors in our professional studio, in your home or at another outdoor location around Brisbane.

Maternity portraits are so beautiful and are the best way to celebrate your growing bump and preserve the memory of your pregnancy forever. This is why we provide a large range of intimate setting options so that you can choose somewhere you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Your maternity portrait photography can be provided in our natural light studio in Bray Park in Brisbane’s north, in various beautiful outdoor locations throughout Brisbane and Brisbane North, or in your own home if this is your preference.

If you’d like more guidance about choosing the right location for your maternity portrait session, we can help you out with more information and advice. Alternatively, have a look at our Maternity Gallery for inspiration from some of our previous photo shoots!

How long will the session take?

Both outdoor and studio maternity photography sessions will generally take around 1 hour.

Our Top Tips for Stunning
Maternity Photos

Our award-winning photographer has many years of experience bringing out the individual personality and natural beauty of every mother and family, in professional maternity photography Brisbane wide. With her talent, passion, creativity and commitment, Kristal will capture the unique emotions and connections between you and your growing family to bring together a stunning collection of photographs that encompass your most special moments.

Kristal will work with you every step of the way and help you to feel comfortable and make sure that you look and feel your best and at ease so that your that your beautiful maternity portraits are a reflection of who you are, and highlight the beautiful relationships between your family and growing baby bump.

What to wear:

You probably already have an idea of the sort of clothing you’d like to be photographed in, but the number one most important thing to remember is to wear clothes that are YOU. Don’t wear what you think you should wear. You need to feel relaxed, and comfortable in your own skin, beautiful and natural, because if you don’t feel like yourself it will show in the photographs.

What to bring: 

Don’t bring too many belongings with you to your photography session, especially if it is at an outdoor location and we may be moving around a fair bit. But if you’d like to incorporate any props or toys into your photos – which can really add a special, personal touch – bring them along with you and we’ll be able to work them in. Baby props like a small pair of shoes, a teddy bear, a treasured family heirloom or even your ultrasound image can really personalise your photo shoot.

What to think about:

Before your session it’s important to decide what you want from your experience. Look around your home and think about the sort of images you want to display – do you want a large, framed focal piece or would you prefer a collection of photographs to tell your family story?
If you have any questions about anything to do with your maternity portrait session, contact us before the shoot and we’ll be able to help you out. We want you to enjoy the moment and love the end results, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re unsure about anything.

Some additional tips to keep in mind: 

  • Form-fitting clothes with a bit of stretch will complement your figure best and show off the shape of your tummy
  • Silk and cotton fabrics drape beautifully over a pregnant body
  • Wearing your jeans even if they can’t be done up is a popular choice
  • Choose solid colours rather than big prints, stripes or patterns- unless of course this is who you are then we can discuss how best to incorporate this
  • Long sleeves, sleeveless tops and spaghetti straps are more flattering than t-shirt or cap sleeves
  • Black clothing is slimming – consider dark bottoms to make your legs look longer and slimmer in cooler months when you need extra layers
  • Don’t forget to think about your underwear – choose appropriate colours and styles that won’t show or create unflattering lines through your clothing
  • If you’re photographing with your partner or family, you don’t all need to be wearing matching outfits – follow a loose colour theme if you would like to, but it’s always better to choose clothes that you feel comfortable in, as you are all individuals
  • Professional hair and makeup isn’t essential, but consider getting it done if you want to feel extra pampered and special on the day
  • Your hands and feet are important too – a manicure or light polish will go a long way in close-up shots of your hands around your belly, and if you’re wearing open toed shoes you might want to get a pedicure for a more polished look
  • Choose jewellery and accessories that express your personality and add cheerful pops of colour.
  • You can always bring a few changes of clothes with you to try out a few different looks in your maternity photos. If you’d like any advice about the best clothes to wear for your photography session, we will be discussing this beforehand and we’ll be able to give you some guidance and suggestions.

At Your Maternity
Photography Session

We work hard to ensure you are relaxed, comfortable and enjoying the photography process the whole way through. Just be yourself and let us work with you to help you look your best! Our maternity photography Brisbane wide will encapsulate the treasured moments and unique connections that form at this special time in your life. Pregnancy is fleeting and will soon be replaced by a new little bundle of joy, so let us help you capture every moment for something truly unforgettable that you can share with your family as they grow.

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